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Section 1 Examination Publication Local Plan

Section 1 Examination Publication Local Plan

Documents Requested and Accepted by the Inspector

The following documents have been requested and accepted by the Inspector immediately before, during and since the hearing sessions that were held between 16 and 25 January 2018 and on 9th May 2018.

For further documents requested and accepted by the Inspector after 30th September 2019, please go to page 10 of the website.

EXD/001A - CAUSE/SERCLE Legal Opinion 18th January 2018

EXD/001B - NEA response to the CAUSE/SERCLE Legal Opinion 24th January 2018

EXD/001C - Mayor of London CIL Examination Report January 2012

EXD/002A - Submission from Dr Chris Gibson on Behalf of Wivenhoe Town Council

EXD/002B - NE Response to Dr Gibson representation Final

EXD/002C - NEA and LUC response to Dr Chris Gibson's Representation

EXD/002D - Matter 1 Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) - Examples of Recreation Disturbance Avoidance and Mitigation Strategy (RAMS)

EXD/002E - North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy Examination Final Report

EXD/002F - Note on behalf of Wivenhoe Town Council concerning proposed modifications to policy SP6 and supporting text

EXD/002G - NEA response to WTC note on proposed amendments to policy SP6 and supporting text

EXD/003 - NMSS Great Bentley Proof of Evidence Final & Appendices 1, 2 & 3

EXD/004 - NMSS Great Bentley Rebuttal Proof of Evidence & Appendices 1 & 2

EXD/005 - Jan 18 Rebuttal Evidence - Great Bentley Inquiry - Colin James Robinson

EXD/006 - Jan 18 Additional Evidence in response to Mr McDonald's Queries - Great Bentley Inquiry

EXD/007 - Inspector’s Interim Conclusions on the Housing Requirement for Mid-Sussex 20 February 2017 

EXD/008 - High Court Judgment - Borough of King's Lynn & West Norfolk v SSCLG

EXD/009 - NEA Note on North Essex Affordable Housing Delivery

EXD/010 - PBA Note on Unattributable Population Change

EXD/011 - NEA Statement on the Policy SP4 Employment Land Figures for Braintree and Tendring 18 January 2018

EXD/012 - Jan 18 Inspectors Report to Gloucester CC, Cheltenham BC & Tewkesbury BC - 26 October 2017

EXD/013A - Social Infrastructure Framework (SIF) Model: Briefing Note

EXD/013B - East Colchester SIF Cost Spreadsheet

EXD/013C - Marks Tey SIF Cost Spreadsheet

EXD/013D - North Colchester SIF Cost Spreadsheet

EXD/013E - West Braintree SIF Cost Spreadsheet

EXD/013F - Social Infrastructure Framework (SIF) Model: Briefing Note

EXD/013G - Alresford SIF Cost Spreadsheet

EXD/013H - Great Bentley SIF Cost Spreadsheet

EXD/013I - Pattiswick SIF Cost Spreadsheet

EXD/013J - Thorpe-Le-Soken SIF Cost Spreadsheet

EXD/013K - Weeley SIF Cost Spreadsheet

EXD/014 - North Essex Rapid Transit Study: Infrastructure cost assumptions

EXD/015 - North Essex Garden Communities Assessment Report December 2016

EXD/016 - Approach taken in the Sustainability Appraisal to the assessment of Monks Wood

EXD/017A - BDC 5 year supply statement as at 30th September 2017

EXD/017B - CBC Housing Land Supply Statement December 2017

EXD/017C - CBC Authority Monitoring Report December 2017

EXD/018 - ATLAS North Hertfordshire New Settlement Study

EXD/019 - Current proposed modifications to Policy LPP2 Location of Employment Land in the Braintree District Council Section 2 Local Plan

EXD/020A - BDC's response to consultation on The New Towns Act 1981 (Local Authority Oversight) Regs

EXD/020B CBC's response to consultation on The New Towns Act 1981 (Local Authority Oversight) Regs

EXD/020C TDC's response to consultation on The New Towns Act 1981 (Local Authority Oversight) Regs

EXD/020D ECC's response to consultation on The New Towns Act 1981 (Local Authority Oversight) Regs

EXD/020E NEGC response to consultation on The New Towns Act 1981 (Local Authority Oversight) Regs

EXD/020F Speech by Sec of State for Housing 17 Jan '18 launching Parliamentary Group on New Towns

EXD/020G Article in Planning Magazine 18 Jan 2018 Regarding Garden Communities Following Launch

EXD/021A Attorney-General v Wilts United Dairies Ltd [1921] 37 TLR 884 (summary)

EXD/021B Congreve v Home Office [1976] 1 QB 629 (summary)

EXD/021C Hazell v Hammersmith & Fulham LBC [1992] 2 AC 1

EXD/021D M v Home Office [1993] UKHL 5

EXD/022 - Inspector’s Report on the 2008 Colchester Core Strategy Examination

EXD/023 - Note on the consideration by the North Essex Authorities of Green Belt around new Garden Communities

EXD/024 - Scoping Opinion for approx. 4,500 homes on Land at Boxted Wood, Stebbing May 2008

EXD/025 - Andrewsfield Airfield Asset of Community Value Application – BDC decision & Boundary Plan

EXD/026 - Minutes of UDC Assets of Community Value Committee 24 January 2018

EXD/027 - BDC Section 2 Heritage Impact Assessment

EXD/028 - Jan 18 Historic England The Setting of Heritage Assets Planning Note 3 December 2017 Matter 8

EXD/029 - Jan 18 Historic England Listing and Designation Application Form Matter 8

EXD/030 - Letter from Network Rail to NEA

EXD/031A - Letter to NEAs from Mr M Norman, Highways England concerning Colchester Braintree Borders GC Issues and Options DPD Consultation

EXD/031B - Letter to Inspector from Mr C Stevenson, ECC and Mr S Amor, Highways England

EXD/031C - Joint Position Statement between Highways England and NEAs

EXD/031D - Memorandum of Understanding between ECC and Highways England

EXD/032A - Statement by Sir Bob Russell concerning Salary Brook Valley

EXD/032B - NEA response to Sir Bob Russell’s statement

EXD/032C - Minutes of CBC Local Plan Committee 6 November 2017

EXD/032D - Minutes of CBC Local Plan Committee 18 December 2017

EXD/033 - Table of funding bids made in connection with the Garden Communities

EXD/034 - Elements of Sustainability Appraisal relevant to Garden Community Proposals

EXD/035 - Compulsory Purchase Association to the Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee

EXD/036 - Gt Bentley Appeal Decisions dated 31/05/2018

EXD/037 - Lichfields Briefing Note - 2016 based SNPP for Tendring - 1st June 18

EXD/038 - NEA Response to Lichfield Briefing Note - 6th June 2018

EXD/039 - Lightwood letter 24 October 2018

EXD/040 - Email correspondence between Programme Officer (1 Nov 2018) and Lightwood Strategic (5 Nov 2018)

EXD/041  NEAs' response to letter from Lightwood Strategic 19 November 2018

EXD/042 – Additional Sustainability Appraisal Method Scoping Statement October 2018

EXD/043 – NEA Legal Opinion 8 August 2018

EXD/044 – CAUSE Second Further Legal Opinion 29 January 2019

EXD/045 – NEA Legal Opinion 21 March 2019

EXD/046 – NEA Further Legal Opinion 25 April 2019

EXD/047 – Letter from LUC to NEAs - update on approach to additional SA work 25 April 2019

EXD/048 - Updated Table of Funding Bids made in connection with the GCs - Sept 2019

Updated 11th November 2019