Conservation areas

There are 37 conservation areas in our district, which we have protected for their special architectural or historic interest.  

You can check if your property is in a conservation area and more details about it by:

Not all conservation area appraisals are available online.


We are consulting on:

We held and recorded a virtual webinar event via Microsoft Teams on 19th January 2022, for both the Braintree Town Centre and Bradford Street Conservation Area Character Appraisals and Management Plans.

The consultations are closed and will be considered by Planning Committee in due course. 

Working on a property in a conservation area

If your property is in a conservation area, you will need planning permission for some works that would normally be covered by permitted development:

  • cladding the exterior of the building
  • side extensions
  • two-storey rear extensions

If you live in Silver End, you may need to apply for consent for certain works to your property, as there is an Article 4 Direction in place for the Silver End Conservation Area

You will also need to apply for consent to undertake work to a tree in a conservation area

Proposals for development in a Conservation Area must preserve or enhance the character of the area.

You also need to apply for planning permission if you want to demolish all or part of:

  • a building with a volume greater than 115 cubic metres
  • a boundary wall or railing that is higher than one metre if it is next to a highway
  • a boundary wall or railing that is higher than two metres

You can apply for planning permission on the Planning Portal.

Satellite Dishes

You cannot put a satellite dishes or antenna on a chimney, wall or roof slope which both:

  • faces onto a road and
  • is visible from a road

Pre-application advice

If you are planning to carry out works within a conservation area, you should ask for pre-application advice.

A planning officer and a heritage officer will review your proposals and provide advice about:

  • whether you need planning permission
  • the likelihood of your planning application being approved
  • any issues that you need to consider before you submit your planning application
  • the information, forms and documents you need to submit with your planning application to ensure it is valid

For information and advice about living in a conservation area, you can look at Historic England.


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