Protected trees and hedges

Carrying out work on a tree

Before you carry out work on a tree, you need to know if you need permission to carry out the work.

You will need permission if the tree is:

  • in a conservation area
  • subject to a specific Tree Preservation Order (TPO)

You can look at Conservation area page and interactive maps, to find out if the tree is in a conservation area.

To look at a specific TPO you can:

  • contact our Landscape Services team to ask for a copy of the TPO. We will charge you £1.50 for each copy of the TPO
  • visit our offices and ask to see the TPO file. There is no charge for this service

Apply for permission to carry out work on a tree

You can apply for permsission to carry out work on a tree through the Planning Portal.

You can look at our validation list to find out what documents you need to send with your application.

After you have submitted your application via the Planning Portal, we will:

  • validate your application
    We will check that you have submitted all of the required documents and drawings. If there are any problems, we will contact you   
  • start a public consultation
    We put the application on public consultation for a period of four weeks, we notify the Parish Council and put the application onto the website during the Consultation period. Anyone can support or object to the application
  • carry out a site visit
    Our officer will carry out a site visit to assess the application
  • issue a decision
    We will issue a decision within eight weeks

Report unauthorised work on a protected tree

We generally create Tree preservation order when it is apparent that a tree of public importance is under threat.

You can contact our Landscape Services team if:

  • you think someone is carrying out work on a tree without the right permission
  • you think someone may be planning to carrying out work on a tree without the right permission
  • you think an important tree needs a TPO

Tree surgeons and contractors

If you are carrying out work to trees and hedgerows, you should use contractors with:

  • suitable qualifications
  • the right type and level of insurance

We do not have a list of tree surgeons and cannot make individual recommendations. You can find information and guidance from the Arboricultural Association.

Felling licences

For non-residential property the felling of more than five cubic metre of timber in any three month period may require a felling licence. You will need to contact the Forestry Commission for advice and to apply.

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