Local Plan Review

About the Local Plan Review

We are reviewing the Local Plan.

The Braintree District Local Plan is part of a wider Development Plan. The Local Plan provides a framework for growth and development across the district up to 2033. It was formally adopted by the Council in two sections – Section 1 in January 2021 and Section 2 in January 2022

It is a key document that local authorities are required to produce. It is used when determining planning applications and sets out planning policies and proposals that will help guide future development and growth that is sustainable and identifies land for future housing, employment and infrastructure needs, whilst best protecting and enhancing the natural and built environment.

Why are we reviewing it?

We are required to review (and if necessary update) the plan at least every five years to ensure it remains an up-to-date and robust planning document when determining planning applications and communities can have certainty as to what development will happen and where in the district. 

If the Local Plan is not up to date it holds less weight when determining planning applications.

At Local Plan Sub Committee on 7th March the decision was made to commence work on a refresh and roll forward of the Braintree District Local Plan to 2041, to be submitted for examination by the end of June 2025.

This review is subject to this position being reviewed if/when a new Local Plan system, guidance and transitional arrangements are released by central government.

Residents, businesses and stakeholders will be provided with opportunities to input throughout the Local Plan Review process, to help shape the district’s future and to ensure that the Local Plan reflects local need and views.

We want to hear from as many people as possible about their views.


The early stages of the work includes engagement with parish and town councils and statutory consultees.

Call for Sites (now closed)

The Council held a ‘Call for Sites’ inviting developers, landowners and others to put forward sites, ideas and proposals which might be suitable for development between 10 April and 24 May 2024.

We are now reviewing all the comments and sites we received as part of this exercise. Every site is being assessed to determine whether they are suitable, available and achievable for development or designation within the updated Local Plan.

Once this is complete, the list of sites will be published on this webpage.

Evidence Base (current stage)

We are now in the process of updating the Evidence Base - the large volume of diverse documents which guide and inform planning policies and proposals to shape a revised Local Plan.

We will publish the evidence base documents on this page for comment in due course.

Seeking community ideas, issues or suggestions (current stage)

We are seeking feedback from residents, businesses and stakeholders on ideas, issues or suggestions of what they would like to be considered as we update the Local Plan looking forward to 2041.

This could include housing, employment, green spaces, transportation, infrastructure or any other aspect of the community.

Comments and ideas can be submitted until 5pm on Friday 16th August 2024 by:

These comments will be considered as part of the Local Plan Review process.

Preferred Options (Reg 18) (future stage)

We will then consult on the Preferred Options document, which is a full draft of the reviewed Local Plan. It includes updated and new policies and sets out proposed sites where new homes, jobs and other facilities could be located, and contains policies that we would use to decide planning applications.

This consultation is expected to take place in autumn/winter 2024.

Pre-Submission (Reg 19) (future stage)

Following consideration of the responses made during the Prefered Options consultation and with any subsequent alterations made to the plan, we will then consult on the Pre-Submission document, which will focus on legal compliance and consistency with national planning policy.

This consultation is planned to take place in spring 2025. 

Submission (future stage)

This stage will be the formal submission of the Local Plan. We will submit all plan documents, evidence and comments to the Planning Inspector for an Independent Examination.

Adoption (future stage)

This will follow feedback from the Planning Inspector on the Independent Examination.

Keep updated

You can register at any time to comment on consultations and receive alerts on future consultation launches of planning policy documents, including future Local Plan consultations. 

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