Local Plan 2033

Braintree District Local Plan 2033

The Braintree District Local Plan is part of the Braintree District Development Plan and provides a vision/new planning framework for how the district will develop and grow up to 2033, identifying the most sustainable locations to deliver local housing needs and supporting infrastructure, such as employment, community facilities, retail, leisure and transport. Preserving and enhancing our treasured heritage and character, the local environment, green spaces and tackling climate change is central to the plan. It allocates land for appropriate development, sets out strategic planning policies and an overall strategy to guide decisions on the location, pattern, scale, and quality of development and/or changes in the way land and buildings are used.

The Local Plan 2033 is in 2 sections. 

  • Section 1 is a strategic plan for North Essex. It was adopted on 22nd February 2021. It is shared with Colchester and Tendring Councils and covers all three authorities.
  • Section 2 contains policies, maps and sites for development, housing, employment, regeneration etc within Braintree District Council. It was adopted on 25th July 2022.

The document is accompanied by the Proposals Maps:

Please see 'What is the Development Plan?' for further information.

Section 1 Background Documents

Section 2 Background Documents

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Paper copies of The Local Plan 2033 are available to buy at £66.65 (inc all maps) + postage from:-

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A paper copy is also available for reference at Causeway House and Braintree library and will soon be available at other public libraries in Braintree District

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