Braintree District Development Plan

The Development Plan documents

Planning Policy prepare and publish Local Plans and supporting documents. The development plan sets out what, where, when, and how development is managed in the District.

The current adopted Braintree district development plan is made up of a number of documents:

The purpose of planning is to help achieve sustainable development (growth).

Planning law requires planning applications must be determined in accordance with the development plan. (unless material considerations indicate otherwise.)

The Council also works with other local neighbouring authorities to ensure that any cross boundary issues are dealt with appropriately and to ensure that growth across all authorities can be delivered effectively with the necessary infrastructure improvements.

Details of the production of The Braintree District Local Plan 2013-2033 which replaces the Local Plan 2005 and Core Strategy 2011 plus further information is available:

Production of The Local Plan 2013-2033  Section 2 Examination
Village Design Statements Monitoring Reports
Self and Custom Build Homes Neighbourhood Planning
Consultation Portal  

The Plan must meet the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework. (NPPF) The plan sets out the government's planning policies for England, and how they are expected to be applied. This is supported by government Planning Practice Guidance. (PPG)

The NPPF contains a presumption in favour of sustainable development.

The Plan must be based on a proportionate, up-to-date, and relevant evidence base about the economic, social, and environmental characteristics and prospects of the area.

Monitoring reports assess progress in preparing local development documents and monitor progress in delivering homes, employment and other development. Information about the 5-year housing supply of specific deliverable sites is published in this document.


Updated January 2023

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