Book a site inspection

When you make a building control application, we will let you know the critical stages for your project.

To meet building regulations, you need to tell us:

  • when you start work
  • when you have finished work on a critical stage
  • when the work is complete

We will carry out a site visit and inspection for all of the critical stages.


We carry out site inspections Monday to Friday, between 9.30am and 5pm.

We can’t give you a specific time slot for your inspection.

If you want a same day inspection, you will need to make your booking before 9.30am.

To book a site inspection, you will need:

  • the name and contact details of the site contact
  • the address of the site where you need the inspection
  • information about the type of inspection you need
  • your preferred inspection date

You can book a site inspection yourself, or ask your builder or architect completing the work to book it on your behalf.

You can book you site inspection by phoning or emailing our Building Control team.

In accordance with Regulation 16 paragraph (4A), a Completion Notice Form is required before a final Building Regulation Certificate can be issued.

A notification must be submitted to the relevant building control body at least two working days before duty holders intend to start work. This time limit applies for non-higher-risk buildings but is extended to five working days for higher-risk buildings.

A further notification must be submitted no more than five working days after the work has satisfied the new definition of the commencement of work.

Should the building control authority not be satisfied the work is regarded as commenced, it can issue a rejection notice within four weeks of the date the commencement notice is given. The rejection notice must include the reason for rejection.


Building Control

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