Local Land Charges Fees

Local Land Charges Fees 2022/23

We no longer accept cheques for payment of searches.

You have to pay the correct fee for your search before we can start to work on it.

The fees on this page apply from 1 April 2022.

Commercial search fee

We will be introducing a Commercial Search Fee for the 2022/23 financial year and the implemented date for that fee will be forwarded to our customers in the near future.


The LLC1 form reveals all registered Local Land charges:

  • one parcel of land; £20.00

We do not charge VAT on LLC1 forms.

Full search (LLC1 and CON29)

 A full search covering LLC1 and CON29 (R):

  • one parcel of land; £134.00 including VAT at 20 per cent on the CON29 (R) form
  • additional parcels of land; £24.00 including VAT at 20 per cent


These are optional enquiries:

  • £24.00 including VAT at 20 per cent for each question

Common Land and Village Green Searches

This is an extra optional question on the CON29O that shows the registration or access rights of any common land or village green.

  • £24.00 including VAT at 20 per cent

You have to pay us for this question, but your reply will come directly from Essex County Council.

Personal search

We do not charge for personal searches as they are free of charge under the Environmental Information Regulations.

All Environmental Information Regulation requests should be directed to EIRrequest@braintree.gov.uk.


Local Land Charges and Searches

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