Trees on our land

Our responsibilities

It is the landowner's responsibility to look after trees on their property.  

We are only responsible for trees on land we own. We look after trees in:

  • public open spaces
  • parks

We don't look after trees, hedges and shrubs on private land, including land that is next to roads and pavements.  

Trees on public land are looked after by: 

You can look at the Land Registry to find out who owns a piece of land. 

Protected trees 

Some trees, regardless of who owns them, may be in a conservation area or covered by a tree protection order. To carry out work on these trees you will need to submit a Tree application.

To find out if a tree has a protection order, you can: 

Dangerous trees

We can take action where a tree poses an immediate and high degree of threat to the public, no matter whose land it is on. 

You can contact our Landscape Services team if you are worried that a tree is causing a danger to people.  

Landscape Services

Address: Causeway House
Bocking End

Telephone: 01376 552525