Wethersfield prison proposals

We will keep this page updated on news and information relating to the Wethersfield prison proposals by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ).

We have previously set out our position over the Ministry of Justice’s (MoJ) proposals to build two new prisons at the Wethersfield airfield site.

You can read this in full in our news article. This still stands as our current position.  

The MoJ have informed us that they are not looking to use the Wethersfield airfield site to progress two new prisons whilst the Home Office are on site as part of the asylum accomodation centre, but still maintain an interest in Wethersfield as part of their long-term prison strategy.

We still believe the MoJ would need to submit a planning application to us, as the local planning authority, if they wanted to pursue any potential prison plans in the future. This would give the council, residents, businesses and stakeholders the opportunity to submit their views and comments through the planning process.
Given the sensitivities and public opinion on the proposal, we have to ensure that we avoid any allegation of pre-determination or bias. This is different to the proposal relating to the asylum accommodation, as we are not the determining authority in this instance.

We will continue to keep residents updated if and when we receive more information from the MoJ.

Updated: Friday 22 March 2024
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