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Section 1 Examination Publication Local Plan

Section 1 Examination Publication Local Plan

Written Responses to Examination Documents

This page contains written responses to certain examination documents as invited by the Inspector.

EXD/073 – Summary of advice to NEGC Ltd on use of CPO powers - Written responses

EXD/074 – NIC Report Oxford-Milton Keynes-Cambridge Arc - Written responses

EXD/075 – NEAs’ responses to Inspector’s questions of clarification on “RTS – Vision to Plan” [EB/079] - Written responses

EXD/076 - Note on the Meaning of 'Deliverable' - Legal Opinion from Charles Banner QC - Written Responses

Gerald Eve Response (on behalf of Galliard Homes) to Section 1 Viability Assessment and the Infrastructure Order of Costs Estimate (comment ID:EB/086/25) - Written responses

EXD/077 - Note on method of estimation of Garden Community sectoral employment shares in EB081 - Written responses

EXD/079 - Homes England Statement on State Aid and Lending - December 2019 - Written Responses

EXD/082 - Further Information Provided by the NEA's following the Matter 6 Hearing Session - Written responses

EXD/083 – Further Information provided by NEGC Ltd following the Viability Technical Seminar - Written responses

EXD/084 – Illustrative Viability Assessment at 250dpa by GL Hearn on behalf of ANSC & Countryside Properties – February 2020 - Written responses

EXD/085 – Illustrative Viability Assessment at 250dpa by Savills on behalf of L&Q, Cirrus Land & G120 – February 2020 - Written responses

EXD/087 - Further Information provided by MAG / Stansted Airport Ltd following the Matter 8 hearing session - Written responses

EB/091B Ref 58 - NEA's Suggested Policy SP5 New Paragraph A - Written Responses

Updated 12th March 2020