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Section 1 Examination Publication Local Plan

Section 1 Examination Publication Local Plan

Further Hearing Statements - 2019

This page contains all the further hearing statements that have been submitted to the Programme Officer in advance of the deadline of 5pm on 2nd December 2019. However, it is for the Inspector to determine who participates in each examination hearing session. The publication of a further hearing statement on this page does not necessarily mean that its author is invited to participate in the corresponding hearing session.

Matter 1: Habitats Regulation Assessment

Matter 2: Employment Provision for the Proposed Garden Communities

Matter 3: Housing Need

Matter 4: Build Out Rates

Matter 5: Delivery Mechanisms and State Aid

Matter 6: Transport and Other Infrastructure

Matter 7: Viability Technical Seminar Papers

Matter 7: Viability

Matter 8: Sustainability Appraisal

Matter 9: NEA Responses

North Essex Authorities Statement on Engagement - December 2019

Updated 17th December