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Permitted Development for Householders

Permitted Development for Householders

Do I always require planning permission?

Permitted Development

Parliament grants planning permission for certain types of development without the need to obtain express planning permission from the local planning authority. These are known as permitted development rights and can apply to households and businesses. These rules are complicated but there are tools we can recommend to help you decide whether planning permission is required. These tools are a useful guide but they are not a definitive source of legal information. 

Householder Extensions and Alterations

Some extensions and alterations to your home can be carried out without requiring planning permission. The Government's Planning Portal website contains advice on your permitted development rights. Interactive guides on the planning portal help you explore how to progress common householder projects.

New legislation came in on 30 May 2013 relating to single storey rear extensions on houses. Find out more about householder prior approvals.

Even if you meet the conditions you may still need permission if:

  • Permitted development rights were removed on the original planning permission preventing extensions/additional buildings.  Please contact us to find out if your property has had its PD rights removed.
  • You live in a Conservation Area
  • You live in the Silver End Conservation Area
  • The property is a Listed Building.  Separate listed building consent will be required.

Formal opinions are provided following an application for a Lawful Development Certificate for a Proposed Use or Development (PLD application). Please see the Making a Planning Application pages for more details. Please note that a fee of £86 is required for this type of application. 

Please be aware that most building works and extensions will still need to comply with Building Regulations.

Other alterations