Braintree District Development Plan

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The Publication Draft Local Plan

The plan - divided as Section 1 and Section 2, was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate on 9th October 2017.

Local Plan - Section 1

Mr. Roger Clews (BA MSc DipEd DipTP MRTPI) is the Inspector for Section 1.

The Examination hearings have ended. Full details and post hearing letter from the Inspector are available on the Examination Documents – Correspondence and Notifications webpage

The Planning Inspector decided more evidence was needed to make the “innovative and ambitious” plans for three garden communities in the region sound.

He set out three options for the authorities in taking section 1 forward.

Option one suggested removing garden communities from the Local Plan and identifying alternative sites to meet housing targets, while option two would see the councils continuing their work and developing the further evidence required to make the garden community plans sound. A third option was to start a fresh section one of the Local Plan – a move which would set the councils back several years and could subject the authority to a higher housing number.

After careful consideration of the next steps following the inspector’s letter, leader Cllr Graham Butland used delegated powers to go for option two. The option was discussed at a meeting of Braintree District Council’s Full Council 23rd July 2018.

Section 1 is a shared plan. Please note that Tendring District Council’s Local Plan Sub Committee will meet on October 30th, and Colchester Borough Council’s Local Plan Sub Committee met on September 13th 2018.

Local Plan - Section 2

We are awaiting further notification from the Planning Inspectorate.

Neighbourhood Plans

Following a Regulation 16 consultation in 2017 Hatfield Peverel Neighbourhood Plan was subject to a Focused Changes Consultation between 10th May and 21st June 2018. Subsequent correspondence from/to the Examiner has been published. 

Kelvedon Parish Council held a Reg 14 Consultation on the Kelvedon Neighbourhood Plan between 16th July and 14th September 2018

Local Plan Sub-Committee

Forthcoming Local Plan Sub-Committee dates are: 

  • 15th November 2018

North Essex Garden Communities

Consultation on the North Essex Garden Communities issues and Scoping documents took place between 13th November 2017 and 5pm on 22nd January 2018

Updated 17th September 2018