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Braintree District Development Plan

Braintree District Development Plan

Latest News

The Publication Draft Local Plan

The plan - divided as Section 1 and Section 2, was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate on 9th October 2017.

Local Plan - Section 1

Mr. Roger Clews (BA MSc DipEd DipTP MRTPI) is the Inspector for Section 1.

A technical consultation following the examination hearings ended in September 2019. 

Further hearings  took place in January 2020.

IED/022 - Inspectors Post Hearing Letter - May 2020 

Section 1 is a shared plan with Tendring District Council and Colchester Borough Council.

Local Plan - Section 2

We are awaiting further notification from the Planning Inspectorate.

Essex Coast Recreational Disturbance Avoidance & Mitigation Strategy (RAMS) SPD

An Essex Coast RAMS Strategy Document has been prepared, including a technical report and mitigation strategy for how the 12 Essex local authorities will avoid and mitigate the in-combination effects of increased recreational disturbance on Essex coast Habitats sites. Consultation on the Essex Coast RAMS SPD is now closed. The consultation ended at 5pm on 21st February 2020.

Neighbourhood Plans

Coggeshall Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 16 consultation is taking place between 22nd June and 3rd August 2020

Cressing Neighbourhood Plan The plan was made part of the Development Plan for Braintree District Council on 17th February 2020

Hatfield Peverel Neighbourhood Plan The plan was made part of the Development Plan for Braintree District Council on 16th December 2019

Bradwell with Pattiswick Neighbourhood Plan The plan was made part of the Development Plan for Braintree District Council on 22nd July 2019

The Salings Neighbourhood Plan Reg 14 Consultation took place between 1st September and 31st October 2019

Kelvedon Parish Council held a Reg 14 Consultation on the Kelvedon Neighbourhood Plan between 16th July and 14th September 2018

Earls Colne Neighbourhood Plan Area was approved on 5th March 2019

Great Bardfield Neighbourhood Plan Area was approved on 15th April 2019

All Neighbourhood Plans

Local Plan Sub-Committee

Forthcoming scheduled Local Plan Sub-Committee dates are: 

  • 16th July 2020

Conservation Area Appraisals

Public consultations have taken place on the Kelvedon and Feering Conservation Area Character Appraisal & Management Plans. These are now closed.

Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) Consultation January - March 2019

The SCI explains how we will involve local people in planning - setting out who and how we will engage residents and stakeholders. This includes public consultation of the Local Plan, Neighbourhood Plan and Supplementary Planning Documents, making comments on planning applications and how we will assist Neighbourhood Planning areas or forums.

The current SCI was adopted in 2013 and requires updating by the Government. We have updated sections on how we intend to carry out Local Plan and Planning Applications consultations and the level of support we give Neighbourhood Planning. This takes into account changes in Government regulations and communications technology.

Consultation on the new draft SCI took place between Monday 28th January and 5pm on Monday 11th March 2019

The document and responses can be viewed via the council’s online consultation system 

Draft Statement of Community Involvement - January 2019 (pdf of the document) 

Local Development Order (LDO) - Horizon 120, Great Notley

Braintree District Council approved an LDO for Horizon 120 Business & Innovation Park in April 2020

North Essex Garden Communities

Consultation on the North Essex Garden Communities issues and Scoping documents took place between 13th November 2017 and 5pm on 22nd January 2018

Consultation Portal

All current and recent consultations

Updated June 2020