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Braintree District Development Plan

Braintree District Development Plan

Braintree Development Plan

  • In Planning Policy we prepare and publish Local Plans and supporting documents.
  • The current adopted Braintree district development plan is made up of a number of documents, including the Local Plan Review 2005 and the Core Strategy 2011.                   (see illustration below)
  • The development plan sets out what, where, when, and how development is managed in the District.
  • The purpose of planning is to help achieve sustainable development (growth).
  • Planning law requires planning applications must be determined in accordance with the development plan. (unless material considerations indicate otherwise.)

Braintree District  Development Plan

Braintree District Core Strategy
Sept 2011
Supplementary Planning Documents
Sustainable Environmental Assessment.(SEA)
Sustainability Appraisal (SA)
The Essex and Southend Waste Local Plan
Adopted 2017
Essex Minerals Local Plan
Adopted July 2014
Braintree District
Pre submission Site Allocations and Development.
Management Plan as amended by Further Changes.
(adopted September 2014 as development management decision making material consideration not submitted for examination)


The Pre Submission Site Allocations & Development Management Plan was adopted at Full Council on 15th September 2014. The plan was used as a material consideration in accordance with the Interim Planning Policy Statement.

new Local Plan has been drafted and submitted to the Planning Inspectorate. when the new plan is adopted it will include new strategic policies and site allocations as well as the non-strategic sites and policies which are contained in the Pre Submission (ADMP).

The Plan must meet the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework. (NPPF) The plan sets out the government's planning policies for England, and how they are expected to be apply. This  is supported by government Planning Practice Guidance. (PPG)

The NPPF contains a presumption in favour of sustainable development.

The Plan must be based on a proportionate, up-to-date, and relevant evidence base (Core Strategy evidence baseSite Allocations evidence base) about the economic, social, and environmental characteristics and prospects of the area.

Monitoring reports assess progress in preparing local development documents and monitor progress in delivering homes, employment and other development. Information about the 5-year housing supply of specific deliverable sites is published in this document.

Overview of changes to planning policy requirements:

In 2004 the Government introduced the requirement for local planning authorities to produce a Local Development Framework. The LDF was to consist of a portfolio of documents.

  • Local development Scheme (LDS).
  • Statement of Community Involvement (SCI).
  • Core Strategy.
  • Proposals Map.
  • Development Management Policies.
  • Site Allocations.
  • Monitoring Report.

The majority of these documents have been adopted and published however the council were still preparing the Site Allocations and the Development Management Plan. 

Whilst the council were finalising the LDF suite of documents (adding Site Allocations and Development Management Plan) The government published the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). They also published the requirement to meet an objectively assessed need for housing, in full, within Local Plans.

The Council took the decision not to submit the Pre Submission ADMP for examination by the Planning Inspectorate.

The council have decided to start work on a New Local Plan. The new local plan will include new strategic policies and site allocations as well as the non-strategic sites and policies. These are contained in the Pre Submission ADMP (unless new evidence or further changes in government policy require changes to be made).

An Interim Planning Policy Statement was approved at Full Council on 15th September 2014. This statement set out the Braintree District Council position in relation to the site allocations and development management policies contained within the ADMP.

Updated April 2020