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North Essex Garden Communities

North Essex Garden Communities

West of Braintree Garden Community Area Plan

Strategic Growth Development Plan Document

Timetables and Milestones

Document preparation

Summer 2017 – Autumn 2017

Member approval of issues and options DPD

Autumn 2017

Issues and options consultation

Winter 2017/18

Document preparation

Winter 2019/20 – Winter 2020/21

Member approval of draft DPD

Winter 2020/21

Draft DPD consultation

Winter 2020/21

Document preparation

Spring 2021 – Winter 2021/22

Member approval of submission DPD

Winter 2021/22

Submission DPD consultation

Winter 2021/22

Submission to Secretary of State

Spring 2022


Summer 2022

Inspector’s report

Autumn 2022

DPD adoption

Winter 2022/23


April 2019