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How is a decision made?

How is a decision made?

Who makes the decision?

The majority of planning applications are determined under Delegated Powers by the Director of Sustainable Development, in accordance with the scheme of delegation. However, the more contentious applications are referred to the Planning Committees where the elected Councillors will make a final decision on the application. 

If an application goes to Committee

If an application goes to Committee, those who have commented on it will be notified of the date and time of the meeting. Committee Meetings are held at Causeway House, Braintree and are open to the public. You may ask a question or make a statement at the committee meeting. Planning committee meetings will be streamed live over the internet as a web cast and available for viewing thereafter, on the Council and Democracy pages of the website.

Before the meeting, the agenda and officer’s report are available from Causeway House, Braintree and on the Council and Democracy pages of the website. The Committee will consider the officer’s report on the application and this will include a summary of all the comments received and it will explain how they have been taken into account in arriving at a recommendation to approve or refuse permission.

If you make a comment on an application, with both delegated and committee decisions, we will notify you after a decision has been made.