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What can I comment on?

What can I comment on?

You can comment in support or objection to any proposal which is currently in the consultation period.

All comments will be reviewed by a planning officer. However, only planning matters will factor into whether or not permission is granted.

Keep your comments to the planning merits / concerns about the development, such as:-

  • the design, size and scale of the proposed development
  • loss of light, loss of privacy or increased overshadowing
  • impact on traffic, parking and highways safety
  • impact on trees
  • the affect on the character of the locality
  • the effect of the proposal upon the enjoyment of your home or garden
  • the possibility of more noise and disturbance

Some matters are not seen as planning considerations and should be avoided when making comments on an application.

Examples include:

  • effect on property value
  • loss of a view
  • private covenant or private interests
  • speculation about the applicant's motives or future intentions
  • the personal circumstances of the applicant
  • land ownership disputes

Please note

Please take into consideration the following points when you may make a comment supporting or objecting to an application: Your comments will in due course appear on our website. Your name & address will be published but, in accordance with the Data Protection Act, telephone numbers and email addresses will be removed. Please ensure you do not include personal details in your comment text such as email addresses or telephone numbers. Please make sure that your comments are relevant, because you remain personally and legally responsible for them. The Council reserves the right to reject any comments which in its opinion contains comments that are deemed to be potentially libellous, defamatory, threatening, abusive or contravenes the provisions of the Equality Act 2010 or any other legislation. The Council will identify and redact/remove such offensive or defamatory comments.

Your name and address may be given to the Planning Inspectorate and the appellant in the event of an appeal, including an enforcement appeal.