Do I need planning permission?

Prior Approval Process

Under Prior Approval, a householder wishing to take advantage of the permitted development rights must first notify the Planning Department.

Prior Approval process for Householders

Submission requirements

Before beginning the development the householder must provide the following information:

1. A written description of the proposed development including:

  • How far the new extension extends beyond the rear wall of the original house. (The term "original house" means the house as it was first built or as it stood on 1 July 1948 (if it was built before that date).
  • The maximum height of the new extension
  • The height of the eaves of the new extension

2. A scaled site plan showing the proposed development

3. The addresses of all adjoining properties

4. A contact email, postal address and telephone number

Application Form for Householder Prior Approvals

Local Planning Authority process

For further guidance on the process and other things to consider, please download our guidance note.

Completion of development

Completion Form

If prior approval is not required or prior approval is allowed then the following must be complied with:

  • The proposed development must be completed on or before 30 May 2016.
  • The developer must notify the local authority of the completion of the development in writing and include;
  1. The name of the developer
  2. The address or location of the development and
  3. The date of completion.

To assist you, we have provided a form to use to notify us of the completion