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Dangerous buildings and structures

Dangerous buildings and structures

Reporting dangerous buildings and structures

Building Control is responsible for investigating notifications of alleged dangerous buildings and structures. Buildings or structures can become dangerous at any time due to:

  • settlement
  • old age
  • damage through fire or explosion
  • storm damage
  • vehicle impact
  • design defects

Making a building safe

The Council can make a building safe by asking the building owner to carry out necessary work. If the owner refuses, we can carry out enforcement action through the magistrate’s court.

In an emergency, the Council may employ a contractor to make a building or structure safe. In these cases, we will recover our costs from the building owner.

How to report a dangerous structure

Contact: 01376 552525

When reporting a dangerous building or structure, please provide the following information:

  • location of the site
  • nature of the incident
  • your contact details (as the person reporting the danger)
  • contact details of the building owner (if known)