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Making a building regulation application

Making a building regulation application

Regularisation Application

Unauthorised Works

The following explains what you can do if you find out that building work has been carried out on your property without a building regulation application.

Building work may have been carried out on a property without a building regulation application or without any site inspections carried out. This is illegal and the work is treated as unauthorised work. If you discover that unauthorised work has been carried out on your property you may be able to apply for a certificate of regularisation.

Apply online for an Application for a Regularisation Certificate

However before you do so you should consider the following matters to make sure that you can, or want to, proceed:

  • only you as the owner of the property, or an agent acting on your behalf, can apply for a certificate of regularisation. Prospective purchasers of your property cannot apply.
  • you can only apply for works that have been carried out since 11 November 1985
  • a certificate of regularisation does not give you retrospective planning permission. You will need to contact Planning Services for further advice on planning permission.
  • the Council do not have to accept your application.
  • you may be requested to submit plans and details of the unauthorised works which will need to be professionally prepared.
  • you will have to pay a building control charge with the application.
  • a building control officer will need to visit your property to carry out inspections. In most cases this will mean that you will have to expose parts of the structure and open up trial holes. This may result in disruption to the internal decoration or external surfaces of your property.
  • once inspections have been carried out the building control officer may identify defective work. If this is the case you will be asked to carry out remedial works.
  • the certificate of regularisation will only be issued if the building control officer is satisfied that the works comply with the regulations.

You do not have to apply for a certificate of regularisation. You will need to carefully consider the implications and then decide whether you want to proceed. Should you decide to go ahead you will need to complete an application form and return it to the Council with the appropriate charge and any drawings and calculations where applicable. For information on Costs, please see our Fees and Charges

You can also download an PDF Application for an Regularisation Certificate.