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Protected trees and hedges

Protected trees and hedges

Hedgerow removal

Apply to remove your hedgerow 

Hedges in rural locations are protected from removal under the Hedgerow Regulations 1997. This does not include garden hedges nor does it prevent coppicing or other forms of management not resulting in the removal of roots.

If you wish to remove a qualifying hedge you must notify us at least six weeks prior to the intended start date. We will then assess the hedge and, should the hedge meet the criteria to be classed as important we may issue a Hedgerow Retention notice preventing removal.

The requirements for submitting the notification are the same as those for work within a conservation area.

Tree surgeons and contractors

For both the well-being of trees and safety of the public it is advisable to use only suitably qualified and insured contractors for all tree work. The council does not have an approved list of tree surgeons and cannot make individual recommendations but you can find information and guidance from the Arboricultural Association.