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Planning Enforcement

Planning Enforcement

Reporting a Breach of Planning Control

Anyone who reasonably believes that a breach of planning control has occurred, or is occurring can make an enquiry.

Reports of a potential breach can be made by the following means:

  1.   By completing the online enquiry form on the Councils’ website (click the green online enquiry form at bottom of page)
  2.   By writing to or sending a completed enquiry form the Planning Enforcement Team Causeway House Braintree Essex CM7 9HB
  3.   By emailing a completed form to [email protected]
  4.   Printable enquiry form for emailing or posting: Enforcement Enquiry PDF form
  5.   Braintree District Council is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Please see our Privacy Policy using this link 

 The following information will be required: 

  •     The full address or location of the site where the breach is taking place.
  •     As much information as possible about the nature of the alleged breach and the harm being caused by it.
  •     Times, dates and any relevant information.
  •     The name (if known) and status of the person(s) involved e.g. owner/tenant/occupier/contractor/worker.
  •     The date when activities first began and if they are on-going.
  •     If the enquiry relates to a change of use, state the previous use of the site. 
  •     Whether you have any legal interest in the land or property
  •     Whether you are in a dispute or have ever been in a dispute with the occupier of the land or property 
  •     How the alleged breach is affecting you
  •     Your full name, postal address and contact details, including telephone number must be included with your enquiry and where possible an email address.             

Do you have a question? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page where you will find further information.

**Please note**

Reports made using the telephone will only be investigated in urgent cases and following receipt of a completed enquiry form or a letter.

Anonymous allegations of breaches of planning control are not normally investigated. 

To avoid any implications under the Human Rights Act or potential misuse of powers, where it is considered that an enquiry is not motivated by planning concerns it will not be investigated. 

The team must have reasonable grounds to suspect that a breach is being, or has been, committed in order to pursue a line of enquiry.

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