Local land charges service


As you may be aware Her Majesty’ Revenue and Customs decided earlier this year that the CON29 elements of an official local authority search (i.e. CON29R and CON29O) will attract VAT at the rate of 20%. They have now informed us that this will commence from 1st January 2017.

Although this date falls on a weekend and the Council’s offices will not be open until 3rd January, we will implement the VAT changes with effect of 1st January 2017, so searches received on and after that date will attract VAT on the CON29 elements. Therefore the fee for a basic full search, including VAT, will be £101.20. In addition each CON29O question will also attract VAT at 20% so the fee per question will be £18.00. VAT is not payable on the statutory LLC1 element of the search. The following is to assist you in calculating fees:

Fees from January 1st 2017 

(There will be no change to fees from the 1st of April 2017)

Search type Further details Fees Vat @ 20% Total Fee
Full Search
CON29 and LLC1
LLC1 form- reveals all registered Local Land charges.   
CON29 form- list of enquiries from other internal and external departments.
LLC1 £16 (No VAT)
CON29 £71 (Plus VAT)
£14.20 (CON29 ONLY) £101.20
CON29O Optional enquiries. £15 per question £3 £18
LLC1 LLC1 form- reveals all registered Local Land Charges. £16 nil £16
Extra Parcels Properties on land in addition to the principal property. £15 per parcel £3 £18 per parcel
Personal search
Please note that information is in the form of unrefined data; therefore it is not checked by a Local Land
Charges Officer. All EIR requests should be directed to: EIRrequest@braintree.gov.uk
Free of charge under Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) nil  
Land Charges and Extent of Highways This answers all of the Highways queries on a full search. (i.e. CON29) £15.95 inc VAT per search nil  
Common Land and Village Green Searches
This is an extra optional question (q22) on the CON29O that shows the registration or access rights of any
common land or village green.
£15 (Payable to BDC, answer is received direct from Essex County Council) £3 £18