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Section 106 agreements and unilateral undertakings

Section 106 agreements and unilateral undertakings

Town and parish council information

The District Council aspires to work with Town and Parish Councils to deliver community benefits and improvements in the parish, ward, town or catchment area relating to the location of the development from which the contribution was received.

The wording of the Obligation will determine how the contributions can be spent by the District Council but Parish and Town Councils, together with District Council Ward Members are encouraged to become involved in identifying projects for the spending of Public Open Space Contributions where there is scope within the Obligation to allow this.

How will the Public Open Space Contribution be used?

The District Council uses the Open Spaces Action Plan (latest version dated 2019) to assist in identifying areas of public open space requiring improving and/or enhancing and to identify where new open space is required. Where the area to be improved/enhanced is not within the ownership of the District Council, arrangements will be made with the Parish/Town Council with regard to funding, following approval of the intended project by the District Council.

Categories of Public Open Space (please see Open Spaces SPD for full definition)

Outdoor Sports Provision – including provision for playing pitches, greens and courts together with ancillary facilities including car parking, changing facilities and landscaping

Parks and Gardens – including areas used for play and recreation, ‘kick-about’ areas, landscaped parks and gardens, planted areas, trees, footpaths and cycleways, seating and furniture

Amenity Greenspace - small landscaped areas in and around housing development contributing to the public realm and the setting of the development

Provision for Children and Young People – including a range of play provision, seating, litter bins and cycle racks, such areas to be accessible and secure

Allotments – land within or on the edge of a developed area providing opportunities for local people to grow their own produce

How does the Parish/Town Council add to or update the Open Spaces Action Plan?

The Open Spaces Action Plan is updated annually by the District Council.  Parish and Town Councils will be contacted in November / December each year requesting updated information.

Public Open Space Contributions received from Unilateral Undertakings

Please contact the Section 106 officer using the details provided on this page for information on the current level of funding held for a particular Parish/Town/Ward.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

For the latest information on the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) please go to the Planning Advisory Service (PAS) web page and follow the link to CIL.