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Street naming and numbering

Street naming and numbering

Apply for Street naming and numbering

Street Naming & Numbering Applications

Following on from the easing of restrictions with regards to Covid 19, site visits and displaying of site notices for new street names has recommenced.  Whilst every effort is being made to work through the backlog as quickly as possible, please be mindful that this may take a number of weeks to resolve and your cooperation is required during these unprecedented times. 

Application form

Street naming and numbering application form

Why do I need to apply?

To ensure that official street naming and property numbering schemes enable effective location of properties for the emergency services, postal services and general public.

You would need to apply for any of the below

  • Changing a house name
  • Giving a house a new name
  • New property numbering
  • New road naming
  • Street name plate specification

We will notify the relevant bodies of new addresses. These include Ordnance Survey, Royal Mail, Land Registry, council departments, District Valuation Office, Highways and emergency services.

What is the charge?

Existing properties  Proposed change
 House name/number change  £40.00
 Renamed street/area where requested by residents  £100 plus £25.00 per property
New properties Per dwelling
1 dwelling £40
 2-5 dwellings (cost per dwelling)  £30
 6-25 dwellings   £25.00
 26-75 dwellings  £20.00
 76 plus dwellings  £15.00
 New street name  £75.00
 Name of building or block or flats or industrial estate  £50.00
 1-5 units (cost per unit)  £30.00
 6-15 units (cost per unit)  £20.00
 16 plus units (cost per unit)  £15.00
 Other charges  
 Confirmation of plot of postal address for utility company (charged to utility companies only)  £30.00

Please note: VAT is not payable

How can I report a damaged or missing street name plates?

To report damaged or missing street name plates please contact us.