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Apply for planning permission

Apply for planning permission

Find out how to appeal a planning decision

You can appeal a planning decision if you disagree with it, or we did not issue the decision within the specified timeframe.

Appeals can be costly and time consuming for both you and us. Before you appeal the decision it may be worthwhile discussing with your case officer. You can find out from your case officer;

  • why your application was refused
  • why a condition added
  • whether you can make any changes to the proposal that would allow us to change our decision

If following this discussion we recommended that you resubmit your application, you may not have to pay another fee if;

  • your second application is for a similar proposal
  • you submit your second  within twelve months of the decision date
  • you have not benefited from a previous fee exemption

The Planning Inspectorate deals with all appeals, and you need to lodge your appeal with them.

You can find more information about appealing a planning decision on GOV.UK.

Appeal status

You can view the details and status of your planning appeal using our Public Access Online Planning Register.

To find your appeal, you need to search using the original planning application reference.  The Appeal Status on the Summary tab will show the decision or if the appeal is still in progress.  To view the documents for the appeal, including the decision once made, click on the Related Cases tab and then click on the Appeal description.

Planning validation checklist:

You need to submit the correct planning application form and supporting documents for the work you are planning to carry out. 

Each application type has its own statutory and local information requirements. These are commonly known as the National and Local Lists.

  • National requirements apply to all planning applications in England.
  • Local requirements are set by the local planning authority having regard to local policies and constraints and are relied upon for a successful determination.

We have combined our local list with the national requirements.

You can find out which documents you need to complete by:

You can look through our full list of planning types and find the documents needed for your project.

You can look through our list of planning documents to see what you need to provide and planning types they are needed for.

You can search the list of planning documents and planning types to find the information relevant to your project