Cemetery fees

Interment fees

Type Charge for  residents  Charge for non-residents
Burial - under 16 years of age  No charge  No charge
Burial - 16 years and over - Single Depth  £493.00  Double
Burial - 16 years and over - Double Depth  £639.00  Double
Cremated remains - under 16 years of age  No charge   No charge
Cremated remains - 16 years and over  £145.50  Double
Cremated remains (two individual remains in one double casket)  £192.00  Double 
Cremated remains (two individual caskets in the same plot)  £192.00  Double
Cremated remains - with a Full Burial £69.00 Double
Exhumation per coffin (plus actual cost of disinterment and re-instatement)   £1,322.00  Double
Use of Cemetery Chapel - per service   £124.00  
Cancellation fee will be charged on a confirmed booking, i.e. change of day, time or location   £94.00  
Family search of burials £16.00 per hour