Water sampling and testing

Private water supply

Private water is a supply delivered to a property that is not provided by a water company.

The water may come from:

  • wells
  • boreholes
  • springs
  • rivers or streams
  • lakes or ponds
  • mains water which is privately distributed by a second party

All private water supplies must be registered with us as we maintain a public register.

Charges for carrying out regulations for 2020 and 2021

Private water supplies must meet certain standards. We charge to make sure you are meeting these standards.

Risk assessments and sampling can be done by other companies but these must be approved by us.

Activity Charge Maximum charge Comments
Risk assessment £38 per hour £500  Risk assessments will be carried out every five years.
Sampling visit £55 per hour £100 Charge for a visit and to take a sample
Investigation £38 per hour £100 Carried out in the event of test failure.
Sample analysis Laboratory fees

Single and small supplies (using less than 10 m³ water per day): £60.

Large(using more than 10 m³ water per day) and commercial supplies: £100 for check monitoring and £500 for audit monitoring

£100 for Group A monitoring (Annual)

£400 for Group B monitoring (Annual)

All Laboratory fees are approximate.


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