Braintree's Essex Energy Switch

What the scheme offers

The scheme aims to help residents get a better deal on their gas and electricity bills. 

The average household savings are normally £150 a year.

Register for the scheme

Register online

The scheme is free. You can apply using the online registration form. 

To register you will need your:

  • name, address, and contact details
  • email address
  • energy tariff name, end date and energy used in last 12 in kWhrs

How does the scheme work

Everyone who registers will receive a personalised offer based on their annual usage

The offer shows how much they could save by switching providers or tariffs.

The winning supplier may be your current supplier. So, you wouldn't switch suppliers, but they will offer you a cheaper tariff.

The winning supplier sends out offers giving you around four weeks to decide whether to change supplier or tariff.

The tariffs are usually for a 12 month period.

Scheme update

The past year has been very unusual for the global energy market, with persistently rising wholesale prices meaning they are now at a 10-year high.  The auctions usually held in October and February have not taken place as energy suppliers have been unable to offer competitive fixed price tariffs.  If you are on a fixed tariff, you won't be affected by April’s Price Cap rise, but when your contract ends, your energy supplier will move you to its Standard Variable Tariff if you do not switch. Your current energy supplier may offer you a fixed renewal tariff which you might consider accepting if it is cheaper than remaining on the Standard Variable Tariff. This is unlikely right now.

With these uncertain times, iChoosr have taken the decision to have a flexible approach rather than have a fixed auction date in May. They will closely monitor the energy market and decide when there is an opportunity to hold an auction.  

If you registered for the Autumn or Winter auctions and have not accepted another Offer, you have the option of "rolling over" your Registration when the next auction is held.  Registrations  made off-line will be automatically rolled over and will also be included in the next auction.

There is more information about the auction and why energy bills are rising on the iChoosr website.



Energy switch advice line

Address: iChoosr Ltd,
1st Floor,
16 Maddox Street,

Telephone: 0800 048 8285