Report light pollution

Before you make a formal report of light pollution, you should try to discuss and resolve the matter with the person responsible for the light.

If you can't resolve the issue then you should contact us.

Report light pollution

To report light pollution you will need:

  • your name, address and contact details
  • a description of the light and where it comes from

We do not investigate anonymous complaints, so need your details to pursue any reported incidents.

To investigate the light pollution we need you to keep track of when the nuisance occurs.

Lighting advice

To prevent light pollution you should:

  • direct it downwards to hit its target
  • use shields to reduce the spread of the light if you have to use lighting directed upwards
  • make sure all lights beams are below a 70-degree angle to keep glare to a minimum
  • use lighting equipment which is designed to reduce the spread of the light
  • not over light an area


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