Food hygiene ratings

If you are thinking of starting a food business must

  • register at GOV.UK
  • contact us to discuss how you intend to operate and what you are going to sell

You can find out on our latest Coronavirus information for food businesses.

About the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS)

The scheme helps customers choose where to eat out or shop for food by providing clear information about the businesses’ hygiene standards. The scheme gives businesses a rating from 5 (hygiene standards are very good) to 0 (urgent improvement is required). The food standards agency will publish your rating online and you can choose to have a window sticker at the premises.

The food hygiene rating looks at three areas:
  • food hygiene
  • structure and cleanliness
  • confidence in management

The food hygiene rating does not assess the quality of the food or the standard of service. 

We give ratings to;
  • restaurants, pubs and cafes
  • takeaways, food vans and stalls
  • canteens and hotels
  • supermarkets and other food shops
  • schools, hospitals and care homes

You can find out more about food hygiene ratings and what different scores mean on the Food standards agency website. You can also find a food hygiene rating for a business.


Some businesses we inspect do not need a food hygiene rating, this includes:

  • businesses that are low-risk to public health visitor centres (or similar) selling pre-wrapped goods that do not need refrigeration 
  • leisure centres with only food vending machines selling drinks or low risk wrapped foods
  • childminders or similar businesses that offer caring services at home
  • food manufacturers

Ask for a re-score visit

If you are not happy with your food hygiene rating you can ask us to re-score your premises.

Before you ask for a re-score you must make sure you have corrected all the non compliances identified during your previous inspection.

You can apply for a re-score at any time after we have inspected your premises.

You can apply for a rescore as many times as you like. 

Apply for a re-score

We charge £155.00 for each re-score. You must pay the fee online to complete your application.

After you book your re-score visit

The Food Inspector will make an unannounced visit. This will take place as soon as possible after we receive payment.

Our local authority officer will give you a ‘new’ food hygiene rating. They will base this on the level of compliance at the time of the re-visit. Your rating could go up, down or remain the same.

Your rating

  • Ratings of 5 are published straight away on the food hygiene rating website
  • Ratings of 4 and below are not published until the appeal period has passed.

Appeals can take time so you can ask us to publish your results before your appeal is over.

Complete the early publication of rating form.


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