Advice and information on water efficiency

Although we appear to have plenty of rain in the UK, our water resources are under pressure.

We use 70 percent more water today than we did 40 years ago. In fact we live in the driest region in Britain and some areas have a lower annual rainfall than Jerusalem.

Benefits from cutting down on water

There are several benefits from cutting down on the water you use including;

  • saving money
  • reducing the chance of water shortages
  • lowering emissions of greenhouse gases responsible for climate change
  • reducing the amount of energy and chemicals used in the treatment and pumping of water
  • stopping damage to wildlife habitats in wetlands and rivers

Water saving kit

Companies such as Anglian Water and Essex and Suffolk Water, offer free home visits to install water-saving devices around the home. 

Waterwise is an independent, not for profit organisation focused on:

  • reducing water consumption in the UK
  • building the evidence base for large scale water efficiency

They are the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK. 



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