Cake makers

Before you start trading

Before you start trading you:

To support your application you should take pictures and draw a plan of the kitchen layout. This will allow us to decide if it is fit for purpose.

The pictures should include:

  • floors
  • walls
  • ceiling
  • windows
  • doors
  • ventilation
  • equipment to be used
  • worktops
  • storage areas
  • sinks and wash hand basin

If the washing area is not in the kitchen, tell us the distance that it is from the kitchen on your plan.

We will decide if you can start trading once we have received your: 

  • food registration form
  • completed questionnaire
  • plan and pictures of your kitchen

If we decide that you can start trading we will send you a confirmation letter.

We will visit you for an inspection if we have any concerns or want more information.

Food and Safety

Address: Causeway House,
Bocking End,

Telephone: 01376 557790

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