Advice for mobile caterers

Building a mobile catering unit

If you are building a mobile catering unit you need to make sure it is safe to work in.

Floors should be:

  • non-slip
  • waterproof
  • without joints
  • with sealed edges
  • rounded to make cleaning easy

Walls and ceilings should be:

  • smooth
  • easily cleaned
  • joints sealed and kept to a minimum

Work surfaces and shelving should have:

  • no gaps
  • no joints
  • stainless steel or metal with rounded front edges.

Cupboards should be painted so you can see clean them properly. Gloss paint is a good choice.

The whole build should be designed to prevent pests from getting inside. We have the power to close any place which poses a risk to health.

Washing facilities should have:

  • a separate washing point for equipment and hands
  • soap
  • disposable cloths
  • disposable towels

Do not use:

  • tea towels
  • plastic bowls
  • flasks

Food and Safety

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