Food allergens

As a business, you have to provide allergy information on the food that you sell, even if it is unpackaged.

You should:

  • Encourage customers to ask for advice about food by displaying signage
  • check all recipes to see what allergens are contained in the food
  • stored food separately
  • train staff how to check with the kitchen on making a meal without certain ingredients

The Foods Standards Agency provide guidance on:

Foods that are Prepacked for Direct sale (PPDS)

New legislation requiring labelling on all PPDS foods (known as Natasha’s law) came in on 1 October 2021. 

PPDS food is food that is packaged at the same place it is offered or sold to customers and is in this packaging before it is ordered or selected.  This includes food that customers select for themselves (eg a wrapped sandwich from a chiller unit) as well as products kept behind a counter and also applies to food sold at mobile food units.

Any business that produces PPDS food is now required to label it with a full ingredients list, with allergenic ingredients emphasised within the list.  Businesses must check if their products require PPDS labelling and what needs to be done to comply with the law.

PPDS Sector specific guides are available for

NB the change to PPDS food does not apply to food sold by means of distance selling e.g food purchased over the telephone or internet.


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