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Purchasing a grave

Purchasing a grave


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Grave purchasing updates

Following government guidance on social distancing to minimise public contact with families and our staff, we are only offering ‘Next in Line’ graves for upcoming burials. This means we are unable to meet families on site to choose a grave location and they will be offered our next numerical grave space.


You do not purchase the grave – you purchase the Exclusive Right of Burial within the grave space for which a Grant (ERB) will be purchased for a period of 50 years. The ERB Grant can be given for a grave space or cremated remains plot. Normally, your funeral director will help make all the necessary arrangements but some people may want to make their own arrangements at the time of the funeral or even reserve a grave space that they do not intend to use for many years.

Full grave memorials

These allow the owner of the ERB to erect a headstone and full kerb surround on the grave after a burial (with permission from the Council). Only some sections of the cemeteries allow full memorials - please contact the Cemeteries team to find out more about where full memorials may be erected or refer to the Memorial Permit Application

All full memorials must be erected upon a concrete base or ‘landing.’ The Council will maintain the surrounding grass area at no expense to the grave owner.

Lawn-section memorials

Upon this section you may have a lawn headstone only, you may add to this a mini kerb set measuring 21 inches by 21 inches within which you may have plants or stone chippings, the remainder of the grave will be turfed over. We will maintain the surrounding grassed areas, at no expense to the grave owner.