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Where to report flooding

Report current flooding situations to the following agencies:

Highway flooding - Essex Highways

Report a highway problem (including flooding)

Highway gullies and drains can become blocked and overflow quickly, particularly after heavy rainfall resulting in debris such as stones, mud or sticks being carried from these sources onto the highway.

River flooding - Environment Agency

Report river flooding

River flooding is caused when rivers and streams are not able to contain the amount of water draining into them from surrounding (and potentially saturated) land.

Reservoir flooding - Environment Agency

Report flooding from a reservoir

Reservoirs are usually formed by building a dam across a river. If the dam then fails water could escape from the reservoir resulting in land or properties being flooded.

Sewer flooding - Water Providers

Report sewer flooding with Anglian Water

Report sewer flooding with Thames Water (on behalf of Essex & Suffolk Water)

Sewer flooding occurs when sewers or pipes in a community become blocked or overloaded by large quantities of water after heavy rainfall/snowmelt, subsequently causing pollution. The responsibility for this lies with the water utility providers – in our District this is either Anglian Water or Essex & Suffolk Water.