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Green transport

Green transport

Alternative ways to travel

Smart Driving

There are small habits which will improve your mpg:

  • Switch off your engine if you are stationary for more than a minute
  • Drive in the highest gear possible
  • Drive smoothly, try to avoid harsh braking and accelerating
  • Check your tyre pressures regularly
  • Remove roof racks etc when not in use

Electric Vehicles

Electric or plug-in vehicles are increasingly popular.  Government funding is available to reduce the initial purchase cost 

Funding is also available for the installation of domestic plug-in chargers, please see the link opposite.

Planning Your Journey

If you use public transport, buying your tickets in advance usually saves money.  If you do travel by road, check for planned roadworks to avoid delays    

Travel Guide and Plan

You can download our guide for green driving tips.

Braintree District Council has a green travel plan, which covers three main areas of travel:

  • Travel to and from work
  • Travel at work
  • Travel by elected members and visitors to council buildings