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Water sampling and testing

Water sampling and testing

Private Water Supply Charges

Private water supply

A private water supply is any water supply which is not provided by a water utility company. The source of the supply may come from:

  • wells
  • boreholes
  • springs
  • rivers or streams
  • lakes or ponds
  • a private distribution system (mains water which is privately distributed by a second party).

The supply may serve just one property or several properties through a network of pipes.

All private water supplies must be registered with the council, who maintain a public register.


The council will charge the costs of carrying out their duties under these regulations to those responsible for the supply. Where part of a shared supply is used by some commercial activity the charges may be divided between the commercial and non-commercial properties proportionally. A breakdown of the council’s charges in respect of private water supplies is included below, along with the maximum fee allowed to be charged under the regulations.



Maximum charge


Risk assessment

£40 per hour


Risk assessments will be carried out every five years for Reg.9 and Reg.10 Supplies

Sampling visit

£40 per hour


Charge for a visit and to take a sample


£40 per hour


Carried out in the event of test failure.

Sample analysis

Laboratory Fees.

Single and small supplies (using less than 10 m³ water per day): £60.

Large(using more than 10 m³ water per day) and commercial supplies: £100 for check monitoring and £500 for audit monitoring

£100 for Group A monitoring (Annual)

£400 for Group B monitoring (Annual)