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Light pollution

Light pollution

Resolving light problems

Report light pollution

Report light pollution online

Rather than resort to the law try to discuss and resolve the matter directly with the person responsible for the light. (How would you feel if the situation was reversed?) .

If the above routes prove unsuccessful or to discuss further, please contact the Council.

General lighting advice

Wherever possible light should be directed downwards to illuminate it’s target, not upwards.   If  there  is  no alternative  to up-lighting, then the use of shields and baffles will help reduce light spill to a minimum.

To keep glare to a minimum ensure that the main beam angle of all lights directed towards any potential observer is kept below 70°.  It should be noted that the higher the light can be mounted then the lower the angle of the main beam.

Use specifically designed lighting equipment that once installed minimises the spread of light near to or above the horizontal.

Do not ‘over’ light.  It is a cause of annoyance and costs more money that is needed. This not only wastes electricity, but more importantly the earth’s finite energy resources which, in many cases, results in unnecessary emissions of greenhouse gases.