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Air quality & pollution

Air quality & pollution

Industrial air pollution

The Environment Agency deals with major polluting industries like power stations and chemical plants. Councils control air pollution from smaller polluting processes, for example, foundries, printing works and car resprayers.

These processes must have a permit to operate. The permit sets out standards and conditions, which regulate the operation of the process to minimise the amount of pollution discharged.

Processes under this Council's control are regularly monitored to ensure they are complying with the required national standards and where they are not the Council can take enforcement action.

Councils must hold a public register, which holds all the permits, which have been issued to local companies. The register will show what standards the companies must meet to minimise pollution.

Applications for larger processes are consulted on and members of the public have the right to comment on these applications for permits.

The Public Register is held at the Environmental Services Department, Causeway House, Braintree.