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Recovery & Billing

Recovery & Billing

Council Tax Recovery

What happens if I can't pay my Council tax?

Instalments must be paid on the date specified and a late payment will result in Recovery action. If you have a query about your bill, you must pay your instalments until the query is resolved and a revised bill is sent to you.

If you are unhappy with Council services you must still pay your bill. If you have a complaint against a particular Council service, this does not give you the right to withhold all or part payment.

Council tax recovery

You will only receive 2 reminder notices in any one financial year. After 2 reminders have been issued you can be issued with a summons.


The Council can apply to the Magistrates Court for a Liability Order to be granted. You'll receive a Summons informing you about this through the post .The Summons will tell you the date and time of the hearing and the full amount payable, including costs of £65.00 for the issue of the Summons. If full payment including costs is made before the hearing date the court will be informed and no further action will take place.

Court Hearing

The Council will make an application in the Court for a Liability Order to be granted because you have not paid as required. If you feel your Liability for Council Tax is incorrect please contact the Council Tax team before the hearing date so that your account can be checked.

Please note that the Magistrates cannot take into account claims for Council Tax Benefit and or appeals to the Valuation Tribunal.