Appeal your Council Tax bill

If you think your Council Tax bill is wrong,  you can appeal to our Council Tax team. You must keep paying your bill while we are dealing with your appeal.

You can appeal your Council tax bill if you think:

  • the bill is being sent to the wrong person
  • your property should be exempt from Council Tax
  • you should be getting a discount or relief

How to appeal

You should contact us in writing giving the reasons why you think your bill is wrong. You must provide as much information as possible to help us make a decision.

Once we have received your appeal, we will decide:

  • if your bill is wrong and issue a new one
  • or tell you your bill is correct and write to you to explain why

If you disagree with our decision

If you disagree with our decision you can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal. This is an independent organisation that deals with Council Tax appeals.

You can use the Valuation Tribunal website to find out how to appeal against our decision.

If you want to appeal you must contact the Valuation Tribunal within

  • two months of our decision
  • or 4 months from the date you first wrote to us if we have not responded to your appeal

Appeal hearings and decisions

It may be possible for the Tribunal to make a decision based on the information you have provided. 

If they can't make a decision using this information, the Tribunal will arrange an appeal hearing. They will send you details of the procedures for the hearing.


Council Tax

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