Patients in care, nursing homes and hospitals

We base a full Council Tax bill on at least two adults living in a home.

If you live with someone who does not count as an adult, you can get a discount on your bill. You can find more information about who counts as an adult for Council Tax on GOV.UK.

Download Council Tax disregard form

We disregard anyone who is:

  • resident in a care home, nursing home or hospital and
  • who is permanently receiving care or treatment there

To apply for a Council Tax disregard discount patients in care, nursing homes, and hospitals, you will need:

  • your Council Tax account number
  • your name, address and contact details
  • the name and date of birth of the apprentice or youth training trainee
  • their employment details including how much they earn

Care homes

A residential care home must be registered under one: of:

  • The Residential Homes Act 1984
  • The National Assistance Act 1948
  • The National Health Service Act 1977

A care home can also be residential accommodation provided and run by the Abbeyfield Society or a body affiliated to the Society (homes with three beds or less may be exempt from registration).

Nursing homes

A nursing home is:

  • an establishment which is a nursing home within the meaning of the Registered Homes Act 1984
  • an establishment which is a mental nursing home within the meaning of that Act


During temporary stays in hospital, you do not qualify for a reduction in your Council Tax.

During long term stays in hospital you may qualify for a reduction in your council tax.

After we receive your application

Once we have received your application, we will decide:

  • if you should receive a discount and send you a new bill
  • or tell you why you won’t receive a discount and write to you to explain why

False information

When you submit your application for discount you declare that the information you have given is true to the best of your knowledge.

We will take action where we believe that you have knowingly supplied false information to obtain a financial benefit to which a person is not entitled.

Change in circumstance

You should contact us immediately if your circumstances change in a way that may alter your entitlement to this discount.

Appeal against our decision

If you disagree with our decision about your application for discount, you can read our page on how to appeal your Council Tax bill.


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