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Community safety partnership

Community safety partnership

Community safety partnership (CSP)

The 1998 Crime and Disorder Act established partnerships between local authorities, the police & police authorities, fire service, probation service, health authorities, the voluntary sector, and local residents and businesses.

The groups are known as the Community Safety Partnerships

The partnerships work to reduce crime and disorder by establishing the levels of problems in their area,  consulting widely with the district population to make sure that the partnership’s perception matches that of local people and devising strategy to tackle priority problems.

Each year the CSP must undertake a Strategic Assessment.  This includes data analysis of levels and patterns of crime and disorder.  Practical intelligence led activity is used for setting priorities and allocation of resources.  The results from the Strategic Assessment allows the CSP to set it’s priorities around crime & disorder.

CSP Annual Report 2017-2018

CSP Action Plan 2018/2019

CSP Assessment Plan for 2017/2018