Community Safety Partnership

The 1998 Crime and Disorder Act set up Community Safety partnerships (CSP) between:

  • local authorities
  • the police and police authorities
  • the fire service
  • the probation service
  • health authorities
  • the voluntary sector
  • local residents and businesses

The CSP works to reduce crime and disorder by:

  • establishing the levels of problems in their area
  • consulting widely with the district population. This makes sure the partnership’s perception matches that of local people
  • devising strategy to tackle priority problems

Each year the CSP must carry out a strategic assessment.

The strategic assessment includes:

  • data analysis of levels and patterns of crime and disorder
  • using practical intelligence led activity to set setting priorities and allocate resources
  • The results from the Strategic Assessment allows the CSP to set it’s priorities around crime and disorder

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Community Services

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