Livewell Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2024-2028 - Strategy and policy documents

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Our Livewell Health and Wellbeing Strategy is our high-level plan for reducing health inequalities and improving health and wellbeing in our district. 

The Braintree District Council Health and Wellbeing Board who have devised the strategy, has a vision to build on the current foundations of the health and wellbeing provision in the district, identify any gaps and create an environment in our district where everyone can make choices that empower them to be happy and healthy.

Councillor Lynette Bowers-Flint, Cabinet Member for Housing, Health and Wellbeing at Braintree District Council said: “The health and wellbeing of the residents in our district is a huge priority for us, and this strategy is a comprehensive plan to ensure that our residents feel they have the adequate access and opportunities to live a healthy life.

“We want to move beyond treating health conditions, and by focusing on prevention and early intervention we hope to create an environment where everyone has the right facilities available to them to actively participate in improving their own health and wellbeing.”

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  • Date: January 2024

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