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Committee meeting details

Committee meeting details

Planning Committee

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What does Planning Committee do?

The purpose of the Planning Committee is to act for the Council on matters involving the functions of a Local Planning Authority.

Functions of Planning Committee

  • Planning obligations;
  • All matters concerning public path orders required as a result of planning legislation;
  • Advertisement consents;
  • Conservation area consents and notices;
  • Revocation or modification of planning permissions by order under planning legislation;
  • Any enforcement action including in respect of advertisement contraventions;
  • Tree preservation orders;
  • Consent to carry out all work to protected trees;
  • Listed building consents and notices;
  • Direct action by execution of works, taking steps and/or carrying out operations by or on behalf of the Council under any planning legislation, including the recovery of any costs or expenses;
  • Legal proceedings in respect of any breach of planning obligations;
  • Any other notices, orders, certificates, demands, permissions, consents and grants under planning legislation;
  • Observations, comments and representations on development proposals being determined by other bodies and/or in adjoining or neighbouring administrative areas.
  • Matters relating to Highways. 

Members of the committee