Accounts, allowances and expenses


Budget Book

Our Budget Book shows the budgets we have set for the financial year ending 31 March. You can view our Budget books for;

You can contact us to ask for a copy of a Budget Book from previous years.

Statement of accounts

Draft Statement of Accounts 2022/23 – Public Notice

Notice of delayed publication and period inspection

The Accounts and Audit (amendment) Regulations 2021 require the Council to publish the unaudited Statement of Accounts for the financial year ending 31 March 2023 by the 31 May 2023.

Notice is given that the Council has not yet completed and published the draft Statement of Accounts for 2022/23 and commenced the period for exercise of public inspection.

A draft set of accounts will be published as soon as reasonably practicable.

The period for the exercise of public rights can commence once the Council’s Responsible Finance Officer is satisfied that the draft statement of accounts represents a true and fair view of the financial position of the authority as at 31 March 2023.

Phil Myers
Head of Finance, Section 151 Officer
31 May 2023

The Statement of Accounts is unaudited and may be subject to further change.
Our Statement of accounts sets out our financial performance and expenditure for the year ending 31 March. You can view our Statements of accounts for;

Building Control accounts

Our building control accounts show how much we have spent on our building control services.

You can contact us to ask for a copy of Building Control accounts from previous years.